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March 27 2013  Supersign: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Design Theory. Presented by Richard Stanley, designer and educator. Richard's recommended book list.

January 24 2012 Bauhaus Book and Advertising Design. Presented by Yuri Long, Curator, National Gallery of Art Library.

December 14 2011  An Introduction to Baltimore's Urban Cosmography. Presented by Jeremy Kargon, architect.

November 21 2011  Stop-Motion Animation, presentation by Laurence Arcadias, with premiere of "tempest in a bedroom."

October 25 2011  Design in Ancient Greece: Inscribed Bronze Hydriai. Presented by Dr. Amy Sowder Koch.

September 22 2011  Ulm Design: Combining Bauhaus theory with scientific methods to create a new paradigm of postwar design. Presented by Richard Stanley.

 August 18 2011  A History of the Graphic Novel. Presented by Benn Ray, Atomic Books. Benn's graphic novel picks (from his presentation).

July 20 2011  Open Mic: Turning Points

June 9 2011  The Music of Color. Presented by Jeremy Kargon.

May 5 2011  The Art of the Stamp. Tom Engeman, Illustrator/Designer

 April 7 2011  What Is Design Thinking? with Ellen Lupton

March 5 2011 Open Planning Meeting & Potluck Lunch

February 24 2011 Pioneers of Modern Design II. Book Discussion

January 18 2011  Design Evangelists. Homage to Our Mentors:
Kern Devin, Ron Rosenfeld, Rob Roy Kelly, Herschel Levit, Lanny Sommese

December 15 2010 Vintage Avant Garde Films - Experimental Shorts from the 1920s and 1930s (Notes on the Films and Mannahatta: The Poem)

November 18 2010 Filmstrip Teasers - Film Advertising in Historical Contexts

October 28 2010 SPACES FOR THE SPACE AGE: How Erik Nitsche and William Pereira Reimagined General Dynamics

September 29 2010 WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: The Influence of Fine Printing on Our Lives

August 26 2010 PIONEERS OF MODERN DESIGN: Book Discussion

July 21 2010 Nicholas Jenson: Prototypographer

June 24 2010 UNIMARK 1965-1979 Bringing the Bauhaus to American Graphic Design

May 13 2010 ART & COPY, a film by Doug Pray and discussion with Tom Czajkowski and David Smith

April 15 2010 Typography II - Observations and Obsessions from Thinking with Type, Second Edition

March 24 2010 Typecast Press Tour

February 16 2010 The Business of Design: An Historical Perspective, Part 2 (panel discussion)

January 28 2010 Truth, Beauty, Power: Christoper Dresser and the Origin of Modern Design

 December 17 2009 Objectified

 November 19 2009 D.I.Y. Revisited
(Resources and Bibliography)

October 21 2009 The Beatles Yellow Submarine

 September 26 2009 Posters as Portraiture

 August 19 2009 The Business of Design: An Historical Perspective (panel discussion)

July 22 2009 The History of Printing in Baltimore
( Bill Schneidereith's program notes.)

June 25 2009 40 Years of Swiss Typography and Design

 May 29 2009 ABC Books

 April 27 2009 thinking with type: A Discussion with Ellen Lupton

 March 27 2009 beneath the surface: poster exhibition from Iran

 February 26 2009 The Poster Stamp: A Dead Medium, but Wow!; Show and Tell: Ephemera

January 28 2009 An Evening with the Hubley's

 December 18 2008 "Jan Bons - ontwerpen in vrijheid" (a designer's freedom) a film by Lex Reitsma

 December 4 2008 AIGA/Baltimore and MICA present:
Barton Gillet Retrospective & Fifty Years of Ed Gold

a life in type by Harold Baldus of Phil's Fonts

 October 2008 SHAG and AIGA Baltimore at the Museum of Industry:
Special tour and demonstration of a working Linotype and Letterpress

 September 2008 "The Rape of Europa" feature-length documentary film

 August 2008 Made in Germany; The Identity of Design as Intellectual Property

 July 2008 Word become Flesh: Medieval Manuscripts and the Production of Meaning

 June 2008 Doyald Young - A Brief History of America's Typographer

 May 2008 The Invisible Art: Acknowledged Authorship and/or Anonymity; Persuasion—
Design in the Service of Control and Influence

 April 2008 Maryland Institute & the Evolution of Art Instruction in America

 March 2008 "Toypunks" A film about Japanese Toys, Fashion & Punk Rock;
Skateboard Graphics: An Historical Overview

 February 2008 Social Content in the Applied Arts: Tapestries with an axe to grind! Revolutionary action figures! Utopia by the yard!; Show & Tell: The Heart in Graphic Design and Illustration

January 2008 Seymour Chwast; Discussion: Persuasion--Design in the Service of Control and Influence

December 2007 "HELVETICA"—the film

 November 2007 Influences on Design; Bauhaus Art-Where did it go?

 October 2007 Black and White and Red All Over; Bauhaus Art-Where did it go?

September 2007 Rock Art's Greatest Hits-A Brief Histroy of Rock Posters;
"901: After 45 Years of Working"-the film about Charles and Ray Eames

August 2007 Show & Tell: Favorite Poster; Will Burton; Futurism Then and Now

July 2007 Show & Tell: Favorite book related to grahic design; Gene Deitch;
Discussion: Graphic design and war--Vietnam and Iraq

June 2007 Favorite Typeface; Hendrik Nicolass Werkman;* London 2012/History of the Olympic Logo*